Small Business Video Surveillance

A video surveillance system is an excellent business investment in terms of reducing losses from theft and vandalism. Video monitoring should ideally be used in combination with other precautionary measures as a part of a company’s comprehensive safety strategy. Prevention and deterrence are more desirable goals than apprehending a criminal after a crime has been committed, and having an established company-wide safety plan helps reduce the chance of a business being targeted. As components of the safety strategy, business owners should ensure that parking lots are well lit at night, and that employees are taught what actions to take if they are confronted by an intruder. Having a combination safe for storage of excess cash and valuables, as well as a secure, keyless door lock will provide additional protection from intruders who ignore the threat of conviction by the video surveillance system. Besides giving business owners peace of mind, utilization of surveillance systems in small businesses helps deter crime, reduce employee theft and create a stronger long-term workforce. HULT PRIVATE

Deterrence is a major benefit of having video surveillance equipment in use at a business. Cameras and video monitors, when prominently placed, show criminals that their actions are being recorded and that the business owner is serious about prosecution of thieves and vandals. Knowing that criminal activity is monitored at a certain business reduces the chance that a criminal will target that location.

Many business owners also enjoy the productivity benefits of having a video surveillance system in place. Employees who know that their actions are subject to review are more productive, and are considerably less likely to steal company money or products. The mere existence of the equipment again serves to deter malicious activity that would otherwise cost the company money. Firing or convicting employees who are taking unlawful advantage of access to company money sets a precedent that prevents future employee offenses, resulting in more trustworthy long-term personnel.

Sometimes businesses will be targeted by criminals regardless of the presence of recording equipment. In the event that a business is burglarized, vandalized, or the scene of other unlawful activity, the existence of video footage significantly increases the likelihood of a perpetrator being caught and convicted. Video footage of a criminal in action gives investigators important clues that can lead to arrest and evidence that can result in conviction. Similarly, stealing, harassment, or other misconduct by a company employee can be proven, so that appropriate action may be taken.

Affordable video surveillance systems are available to meet the needs of all business sizes, and pay for themselves in reduced losses and employee productivity.

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