Leveraging Instagram for Maximum Impact

Whether you are trying to build up your brand or trying to bring your business to the next level, Instagram is probably a really good thing for your business no matter what. Considering that your business will benefit from a visual element (most businesses do), Instagram will work well for you and you should leverage it properly.

What to do and what not to do
First of all, you will want to figure out the best way to use Instagram to your advantage. There are several things that you can do, which will make a difference for your business, both in the short-term as well as in the long-term.


    • Be consistent: When it comes to creating and sharing content as part of your overall content marketing strategy, one of the first rules of thumb is that you share your posts on a consistent basis. That means that you post on the same day(s) each week and you post at the same times (more or less) each time that you post. The most important (and, perhaps, most obvious) reason for doing that is because people get used to seeing your content and they eventually (hopefully, it will not take too long) look for your content at the same time each day that you post content.


    • Take advantage of your one-link allowance: Considering that you are only allowed one link, you better make it a good one! Whether you are selling products and/or services, whenever you have something new to let your target audience know about (that could be something totally new or it could be a change that you have recently made to your already-existing products and/or services), you will want to write about it and include a link to whatever is new. That link may lead to a landing page, a status update in your biography, or any other number of things. No matter what you do, your goal is to engage your target audience in some way.


    • Pose a thought-provoking question: Keeping audience engagement in mind, a question (if it is stimulating enough) will go a long way to doing just that. Comments work well too but sometimes, a question that really causes the other person to think may generate some really exciting, productive discussions. At the very least, your question can serve as a jumping-off point. You should keep in mind that you are not asking a question because you want to hear yourself speak. You are doing that because you want to hear other people’s opinions. That serves two extremely positive purposes. First, it gives you a valuable perspective of other people. Second, it demonstrates that you value the opinions and points of view of other people. Sending a clear message about how much you value your target audience’s opinions sends a very powerful message about how you feel about your relationships with the.


    • Present the most effective look and feel: Don’t forget that you are dealing with Instagram courses in this instance. From an aesthetic perspective, if you have the most appropriate look and feel for your particular business, other people will react positively. It will make your target audience members want to interact with you and to deepen the relationship that you share. The truth is that with so much information coming at you at such a rapid pace, it may be challenging to separate the meaningful from the mediocre. That is exactly why your content (words and visual elements) must stand out from the rest. Your Instagram account should be a part of your brand. It will help you to really widen your scope and to provide another level of valuable information to your target audience members.


  • Pay close attention to the metrics: No matter what you do online, it is important for you to pay close attention to the analytics because you much continually have a good sense of how you are doing as a result of your social media interactions and postings. Only you will be able to choose the most appropriate categories to watch but those analytics are critical to your business’ success because it will help you to understand what you are doing successfully and what you need to adjust or revise. In short, those analytics will help you to grow and progress appropriately and successfully.

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