Emerging Business Opportunities in Africa

If you would consider Africa as your business/investment place, then I commit with my vast knowledge the provision of timely, relevant, appropriate and holistic information on the available business and investment opportunities within the African continent, and get value on their investments.

The African continent remains vastly unexploited besides being a huge reservoir of all economic resources. This is partly due to previous disadvantages in wealth distribution in the world, trade in balance, cold war, and effects of colonialism, among others.

However this is really changing fast and the world’s attention is focusing more on Africa’s potential to drive the world economy moving into the future. Socio-economic developments, improvements in governance and democracy and penetration in education accessibility are some of the key factors driving this renewed vigor, as they say, the future is here!! HULT PRIVATE

There are various economic & political blocs in Africa which offer a huge market and investment opportunity. These blocs include SADDC, ECOWAS, EAC, COMESA and IGADD. The major aim of these blocs is to widen and deepen the political, economic and social co-operation among partner states. This has resulted in establishing custom unions, common markets with the removal of all trade tariffs, and plans for a monetary union, with the ultimate aim of establishing a Political Federation of the African states.

The continued development of these blocs will increase the opportunities for Investors to trade in Africa and more importantly, will support the development of international trade and investment with other global regions.

So, what are these steaming hot opportunities? My big bet is on the following major sectors in Africa:

· Education

· Energy

· Healthcare

· ICT and

· Agriculture

Besides these sectors, another big bet is on infrastructure development. Africa has of late seen an unprecedented development in its overall infrastructural projects with renewed interest mainly from China, India, Brazil & Russian confederation besides the traditional trading partners. Projects range from roads construction, railways, ports, housing, business parks, provision of social amenities like schools and hospitals, Information and communication Technology projects among others.

These are mainly being spurred by recent happenings in the continent such as the recent secession of the Southern Sudan, improvements in the Gross Domestic Products especially for sub-Saharan countries to match global rates and the introduction of undersea cable connections across the continent for improved internet connectivity. There is also a renewed interest in Africa by the international community as a major source of resources in the world.


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